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The Bike Line Repair Clinic
WHEN: October 19th & 26th or November 9th & 16th.  WHERE: The Bike Line in Broadripple (6520 Cornell). PRICE: $200 and receive a 10% discount on parts and tools along with a complete overhaul. Scared of a screw driver? Ever wonder what the rest of the group is talking about when they start talking bottom brackets and gear inches? Or do you just plain want to learn how those derailleur things work? We offer a TWO DAY course that shows you the ins and outs of how to do a complete overhaul of your bike. If you are thinking of ordering just a frame and some parts and putting it together yourself… this is the class. * Does it matter what type of bike or wheels you bring in? NO. Whatever is in the class is what we focus on. No sense teaching coaster brakes if nobody has them, right? We want you to learn about your bike and the persons bike you are riding with. Bring a MTB or Road Bike; a Hybrid or a Rickshaw; we dont care. We tailor the class to meet your needs. WHAT the course offers: At the end of the class, a member should be able to complete an overhaul of their bike. 1. Wheel Maintenance / Start Wheel Truing. In week one you will learn how to overhaul your hubs, inspect your rims and tires and true your wheels. You will learn how to use a Park Truing Stand. 2. Complete Wheel Truing / Hasty Wheel Truing / Brakes. Wheel truing is an art so sometimes it takes a little longer. The second week starts where the first week leaves off. Not only to do hone your skills at using the Park Truing Stand but you will learn the trick of the trade on truing wheels while still on your bike… This gets you out of that emergency bent rim ride and back to the car. Then we move on to brakes / pads / cables. 3. Cranks and Bottom Brackets / Chains and Gears. This is the messy part. If you thought overhauling a hub was messy, then overhauling a Bottom Bracket can get worse. If you have a sealed bearing system, we will help you learn how to take it out and put a new one in. How do you determine if you need a new chain… We can do that. Learn about freewheels vs freehubs and cassettes. Trivia knowledge on how to determine if you should shift to get better gear inches. 4. Derailleurs and Headsets. The part that confuses everyone. If youve ever thrown a chain or heard a constant click as you peddle then it was probably the derailleur. And if you have ‘index steering then you are in need of a new headset. 5. Mounting Bars / Aero Bars / Levers / Taping bars. Some people say this is the easy part but these are parts that make you comfortable on the bike (less saddle adjustment). And if you need new handlebar tape, this is the time of year to put it on. IF THERE IS TIME - 6. Basic Wheel Building (Demo) / Tubular Mounting. There is no such thing as a ‘strong wheel. Wheels are either built to be stiff or durable. Either way they can be ‘strong if used for what they were built for. The most common wheel in the industry is a 32 hole 3 cross wheel. The rear being the hardest, we will show you how to lace, tension, true and dish a wheel. We will go over spoke calculation, spoke prep, nipple and spoke types, how to thread a spoke if you need a shorter spoke and even discuss spoke patterns. Tubulars? We show you how to mount tubulars to a rim so you can ride safely. In the future, we may even offer a short course and you build your own wheel. Sorry but you will not be able to build one the first time in just a couple of hours so this one is just a demo. One on One wheel building can also be taught…. Contact the Bike Line to coordinate a time thats convenient for you.
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