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Pinarello Dogma F12 Disc Brake Frameset

Pinarello Dogma F12 Disc Brake Frameset
  • Color: BOB
  • Color: Mars Orange
  • Color: Vulcan Red
  • Color: Grey Black
  • Color: Asteroid White
  • Color: Zeus Blue
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Dogma F12 is the symbol of competition, a name that evokes excellence, quality, perfection, beauty, and Italian design. It's the most successful bicycle in history...end of discussion.

Frame & fork only


Frame Carbon Torayca T1100 1K Dream Carbon with Nanoalloy Technology / Asymmetric Frame / TICR Total Internal Cable Routing / E-Link / Italian thread BB / Seatclamp TwinForce / 3XAir two positions available for the second bottle / FlatBack Profile / UCI Approved / Drop in Bearing System 1 1/2" - 1 1/2" / RAD SYSTEM Disk brake / Disk Flat Mount max 160mm / Rear Axle 142x12mm Shimano
Fork ONDA F12 with ForkFlap / Max Tire 700x28mm / Front Axle 100x12mm Shimano

* Subject to change without notice.

Part Numbers

Option MPN
BOB / 42cm PI-21-F12D-42-BOBA
BOB / 44cm PI-21-F12D-44-BOBA
BOB / 46cm PI-21-F12D-46-BOBA
BOB / 47cm PI-21-F12D-47-BOBA
BOB / 50cm PI-21-F12D-50-BOBA
BOB / 51cm PI-21-F12D-51-BOBA
BOB / 53cm PI-21-F12D-53-BOBA
BOB / 54cm PI-21-F12D-54-BOBA
BOB / 55cm PI-21-F12D-55-BOBA
BOB / 56cm PI-21-F12D-56-BOBA
BOB / 57cm PI-21-F12D-57-BOBA
BOB / 59cm PI-21-F12D-59-BOBA
BOB / 62cm PI-21-F12D-62-BOBA
Mars Orange / 42cm PI-21-F12D-42-MORG
Mars Orange / 44cm PI-21-F12D-44-MORG
Mars Orange / 46cm PI-21-F12D-46-MORG
Mars Orange / 47cm PI-21-F12D-47-MORG
Mars Orange / 50cm PI-21-F12D-50-MORG
Mars Orange / 51cm PI-21-F12D-51-MORG
Mars Orange / 53cm PI-21-F12D-53-MORG
Mars Orange / 54cm PI-21-F12D-54-MORG
Mars Orange / 55cm PI-21-F12D-55-MORG
Mars Orange / 56cm PI-21-F12D-56-MORG
Mars Orange / 57cm PI-21-F12D-57-MORG
Mars Orange / 59cm PI-21-F12D-59-MORG
Mars Orange / 62cm PI-21-F12D-62-MORG
Vulcan Red / 42cm PI-21-F12D-42-VRED
Vulcan Red / 44cm PI-21-F12D-44-VRED
Vulcan Red / 46cm PI-21-F12D-46-VRED
Vulcan Red / 47cm PI-21-F12D-47-VRED
Vulcan Red / 50cm PI-21-F12D-50-VRED
Vulcan Red / 51cm PI-21-F12D-51-VRED
Vulcan Red / 53cm PI-21-F12D-53-VRED
Vulcan Red / 54cm PI-21-F12D-54-VRED
Vulcan Red / 55cm PI-21-F12D-55-VRED
Vulcan Red / 56cm PI-21-F12D-56-VRED
Vulcan Red / 57cm PI-21-F12D-57-VRED
Vulcan Red / 59cm PI-21-F12D-59-VRED
Vulcan Red / 62cm PI-21-F12D-62-VRED
Grey Black / 42cm PI-21-F12D-42-GBLK
Grey Black / 44cm PI-21-F12D-44-GBLK
Grey Black / 46cm PI-21-F12D-46-GBLK
Grey Black / 47cm PI-21-F12D-47-GBLK
Grey Black / 50cm PI-21-F12D-50-GBLK
Grey Black / 51cm PI-21-F12D-51-GBLK
Grey Black / 53cm PI-21-F12D-53-GBLK
Grey Black / 54cm PI-21-F12D-54-GBLK
Grey Black / 55cm PI-21-F12D-55-GBLK
Grey Black / 56cm PI-21-F12D-56-GBLK
Grey Black / 57cm PI-21-F12D-57-GBLK
Grey Black / 59cm PI-21-F12D-59-GBLK
Grey Black / 62cm PI-21-F12D-62-GBLK
Asteroid White / 42cm PI-21-F12D-42-AWHT
Asteroid White / 44cm PI-21-F12D-44-AWHT
Asteroid White / 46cm PI-21-F12D-46-AWHT
Asteroid White / 47cm PI-21-F12D-47-AWHT
Asteroid White / 50cm PI-21-F12D-50-AWHT
Asteroid White / 51cm PI-21-F12D-51-AWHT
Asteroid White / 53cm PI-21-F12D-53-AWHT
Asteroid White / 54cm PI-21-F12D-54-AWHT
Asteroid White / 55cm PI-21-F12D-55-AWHT
Asteroid White / 56cm PI-21-F12D-56-AWHT
Asteroid White / 57cm PI-21-F12D-57-AWHT
Asteroid White / 59cm PI-21-F12D-59-AWHT
Asteroid White / 62cm PI-21-F12D-62-AWHT
Zeus Blue / 42cm PI-21-F12D-42-ZBLU
Zeus Blue / 44cm PI-21-F12D-44-ZBLU
Zeus Blue / 46cm PI-21-F12D-46-ZBLU
Zeus Blue / 47cm PI-21-F12D-47-ZBLU
Zeus Blue / 50cm PI-21-F12D-50-ZBLU
Zeus Blue / 51cm PI-21-F12D-51-ZBLU
Zeus Blue / 53cm PI-21-F12D-53-ZBLU
Zeus Blue / 54cm PI-21-F12D-54-ZBLU
Zeus Blue / 55cm PI-21-F12D-55-ZBLU
Zeus Blue / 56cm PI-21-F12D-56-ZBLU
Zeus Blue / 57cm PI-21-F12D-57-ZBLU
Zeus Blue / 59cm PI-21-F12D-59-ZBLU
Zeus Blue / 62cm PI-21-F12D-62-ZBLU